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The Kindle Fire HD

The Most Advanced 7″ Display

When it comes to HD displays, great resolution is just the start. Unlike other 7″ tablets, Kindle Fire HD delivers rich color and deep contrast from every angle, with an advanced polarizing filter and custom anti-glare technology.

Get yours now from just $199.

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Robots Making a Documentary About Humans

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
Created by Alex Reben for his master thesis’s at MIT, robots he calls BlabDroids will film a documentary about humans....[Read More]

Apple are currently in talks for Facebook Home for iPhone

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
The Facebook Home is currently Android-only software, but both Apple and Facebook are looking to create an android version of the software....[Read More]

Amazon to expend Android App Store to Almost 200 Countries

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
Amazon have today announced that its next phase in expanding their Appstore is to make it available to almost 200 new countries across the globe....[Read More]

Apple must pay Samsung’s Legal Fees After ‘False’ Statement

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
The bitter feud between technology giants Apple and Samsung rages on today, after Apple are ordered to pay Samsung’s UK legal fees after ‘false’ statement....[Read More]

Apple has sold 3 million iPads since friday

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
Applie Inc have today revealed that they have sold 3 million iPads in three days, after launching the new iPad mini last friday....[Read More]

3 out of 4 smartphones sold use Android

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
Google’s domination plans are coming together nicely, with pretty much cornering the search engine market and now increasing their worldwide marketing share to 75% in...[Read More]

MIT Professor and Student Uncover Algorithm for Predicting Twitter Trends

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
For an online business with a keen social media marketing strategy, the ability to predict Twitter trends is worth it’s weight in gold. Now, a...[Read More]

Apple Closer to Launching iPhone 5 in China

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
Apple find themselves closer to launching the iPhone 5 in China after Chinese state regulators yesterday approved two models of the device for sale in...[Read More]

In the battle of Smartphone Shipments, Samsung beats Apple

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
Despite the undeniable success of Apple’s iPhone 5, analysts at ABI Research have determined that it’s actually Samsung who are currently winning the Smartphone war....[Read More]

Apple Already Sold out of the White iPad Mini

Posted 4 years ago | No Comments »
Rather predictably, the mad grab for the latest Apple product, last seen at the iPhone 5 launch, has come into full effect today after reports...[Read More]

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