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The Kindle Fire HD

The Most Advanced 7″ Display

When it comes to HD displays, great resolution is just the start. Unlike other 7″ tablets, Kindle Fire HD delivers rich color and deep contrast from every angle, with an advanced polarizing filter and custom anti-glare technology.

Get yours now from just $199.

AT&T’s Galaxy Note II to be available for pre-order on 25th October

AT&T's Galaxy Note 2 Available for Pre-Order October 25th

US Network provider AT&T have today revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note II will be available to pre-order on their website in just two days time and is expected to be in stores November 9th.

Fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note II have been patiently waiting for US network carriers to pick up the device , with Sprint making the first move with an announcement earlier this month.

The Galaxy Note II will likely set you back around $300, but it’s worth it considering the awesome device’s stats:

Head on over to the AT&T Landing Page for signups and further details.

Can’t wait?

Can’t wait for November 9th to pick up your Galaxy Note 2? TThen pick yours up right here for just $689.99!

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