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The Kindle Fire HD

The Most Advanced 7″ Display

When it comes to HD displays, great resolution is just the start. Unlike other 7″ tablets, Kindle Fire HD delivers rich color and deep contrast from every angle, with an advanced polarizing filter and custom anti-glare technology.

Get yours now from just $199.

Sony Struggling to Turn Profit, Will Close Tech Center in Tokyo

Sony to Close Tech Center in Tokyo

Today, Sony have announced they will close The Shinagawa Technology Center in Tokyo as a cost-cutting measure in an effort to return to profit.

Tech Center

Despite The Shinagawa Technology Center’s closure, all of the staff will remain in employment and all 4,800 people will be relocated to existing sites in and around Japan’s capital.

The Tech Center will be vacated by September next year with the property being returned to its owners.

Job Cuts

This news comes from Friday’s news in which Sony announced they plan on cutting 2,000 jobs in restructuring.

The restructuring will save the organisation 30 billion yen ($378.6) per year and is expected to take effect in the new financial year this coming April.

Things aren’t looking so good for Sony right now.

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